Pioneer Square Loft

Pioneer Square (Seattle), WA
Design + Build + Fabrication
Complete remodel of existing condo
Photographer: Charlie Schuck

An historic 1800s Pioneer Square Building bogged down by decades of layered remodeling was in desperate need of a revamp. We knew we wanted to showcase the incredible beauty of the underlying structure, so we set out to bring the space back to bare materials, uncovering old growth beams and car decking, ducting, terracotta brick, and original wood windows.

The next challenge was Introducing function to the bare space. We developed a purpose-driven approach, utilizing our wood fabrication expertise to craft task-specific rooms for cooking, eating, sleeping, bathing, laundry, and sauna. Ultimately these rooms celebrated the specific function of the room and allowed the craftsmanship of our fabrication team to be fully appreciated and enjoyed.